Hi friends, this is part 2 of the NLP analysis based on amazon reviews, here we will describe the machine learning stage that we will apply to our data, specifically the Random Forest model.

In part 1 we obtained the data, cleaned it and built a bag of words after tokenizing the reviews and applying a vectorizer.

Let’s start by explaining what a Random Forest is, initially i will say that it is an ensemble of decisions tree, so what is a decision tree?

Decision Tree

Is a supervised learning algorithm mainly used in classification problems. divides the data into two or…

In this post we will enter the world of NLP ( natural language processing ) that studies the interactions between computers and human language.

Text Analysis is a major application field for machine learning algorithms.

In this post we will develop a binary classification model with a dataset related to the health issue. It was obtained from kaggle.com and is related to the possibility of having a heart attack based on 14 features obtained.

We will start by exploring our dataset that is already clean (without null values), to then generate a logistic regression model and evaluate its performance.

Logistic regression

Is a type of regression analysis used to predict the outcome of a categorical variable (a variable that can take on a limited number of categories, typically two) based on the independent or predictor variables. …

Introduction to Supervised algorithms

Today we will talk about the best known of supervised algorithms: Linear Regression, a classic in machine learning explanations. In addition to understanding the operation of this mathematical algorithm, we will see important concepts to keep in mind, such as generalization and regularization, the overfitting problem and some important metrics and parameters to evaluate and refine the ML model.

But what is a supervised algorithm in ML? The keyword supervised comes from the idea of ​​having a previously labeled and classified data set. Let’s say that the algorithm receives certain characteristics (features) of the data, and also the value of…

Jorge Ercoli

I am a senior python programmer and a professor, passionate about data science and everything related to artificial intelligence, and the space race

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